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Fantastic Foundation helping the less privileged in our society

​The J&T Foundation is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of serving the underserved communities in Africa by providing opportunities that develop into productive members of society. We focused on local communities, families, and especially children by providing basic school supplies and ...
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J&T Foundation's Mission

At our organization, we are on a mission to bring smiles to every child, mother, and father in Africa and beyond. We are committed to ensuring access to education and nutritious food for those who need it most. Through partnerships with donor companies, policy makers, supporters, and the communities we serve, we ...
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Our Driving Goal

At our organization, we are driven by the goal of eradicating poverty and hunger, one child at a time. We believe that every child has God-given potential, and our mission is to help them realize that potential by providing them with the resources they need to succeed. By working together, we can create a world ...
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