​Community Welfare

​Community Welfare

​Community Welfare

Our community welfare services are designed to fulfill the basic necessities for all underprivileged members of our community and help them become productive members of our society. Community welfare services are design to ensure that all residents of a community have their necessities fulfilled. These welfare plans are devised to help different members of our society based on their needs and wants. Whether there are people who need financial aid to support to feed their families, students looking for school supplies, or the elderly and disabled looking for help, J&T Foundation has welfare plans designed to make lives easier.

We believe that helping your neighbor in their times of need is our duty, and we ensure that any and everyone who needs it, is aided by J&T Foundation. Our plans include financial aid programs for the underpaid, students, and single parents. We also provide medical services for those who cannot afford it, including emergency care, pre and post-natal care.

Similarly, for those who cannot work due to old age or disability, we also provide financial aid in the form of pension funds or unemployment funds.

Join Our Community Welfare Services –Be the Change You Want to See

​Helping others is an immensely fulfilling job. But it requires a lot of people working together to be performed effectively. Our welfare services too, require community members to donate their time and efforts into improving the lives of their neighbors.

Many around us are deprived of life’s basic necessities. That is why they do not succeed at life, and fail to become contributing members of our society. From lacking simple necessities like power and basic school supplies, to being in need of essentials like food, clean water, and medical help, the underserved communities in Africa are in need of your help.

While we have the monetary resources and supplies needed to help those in need, we need volunteers who would like to help us distribute them amongst those who require them. Now you can become the beacon of hope for a starving mother who hasn’t been able to feed her children for days. Or you can be the savior for a disabled member of our society who is unable to buy basic medical supplies and rations for their families or themselves.

What better way to thank the Lord for the bounties he has showered upon us, than to help our fellow man? At J&T Foundation Welfare Services, we do not discriminate and help everyone in need. Want to change the lives of the people around you? Now is the chance. Become a part of J&T Foundation Welfare services, and be the change you want to see.

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