Show Your Selfless Support

Show Your Selfless Support

Show Your Selfless Support

Many underprivileged communities in Africa need volunteer support from generous people. If you think you are the one who can come forward for a noble cause, join our hands today. We will help you to find volunteer opportunities in which you can contribute for the social and economic development of deprived people.

We regularly seek highly motivated people who can give their whole-hearted efforts in different types of volunteering works. We believe in equality for everyone no matter how difficult or impossible it looks from a distant view. To achieve that goal, we need self-driven and passionate people who can raise their hands to bring a change in society.

Being responsible citizens, it falls upon us to take care of those who need our attention. That is where we seek the assistance of those people who can join our hands in promoting the noble work. Being a volunteer, you have also the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of different social projects conducted for needy people. J&T Foundation is the platform that allows you to find volunteer opportunities near you and show support for deserving personals.

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